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Guarding The City...
Active Cases 
20th-Aug-2012 10:21 pm(no case #)
Just watched the latest episode of Leverage and one scene got me reminded of Numb3rs...

Yeah... Remember this...?

I guess you should try not to disappoint the people that put their trusts on you and counting on you... :)

Unrelated to those gifs, sad to hear about Tony Scott. RIP
Eppes & McGarrett
13th-Aug-2012 12:21 am - This Song is Stuck in My Head... -__-

I'm off to bed...maybe...
Eppes & McGarrett
6th-Dec-2011 06:58 pm - Numb3rs/Hawaii Five-0 Combination #2
Something to cheer myself up... Although I'm quite sure implying that Don got killed isn't exactly a cheering materials... XD

3 gifs: The Fifth Man and Ua Hiki Mai Kapaena PauCollapse )
Eppes & McGarrett
10th-Oct-2011 02:56 am - Numb3rs GIF Part 4
A few Numb3rs GIFs I recently made. A couple are also posted on my Tumblr (hence the 'closerangecombats' watermark), another version of the other two are also there but I figured since photobucket can handle 1Mb, I remade them so they're not small size (under 500Kb)... ;D

4 GIFs under hereCollapse )
20th-Jun-2011 01:48 am - Numb3rs GIF: 6x01 Hangman
While trying to cheer up myself -- unsuccessfully, I might add -- I decided to make some GIFs. At first, I wanna do H50 but after opening the folders and saw Numb3rs' folders, I kinda miss them. So here they are, the boys of Numb3rs. ;)


6x01 Hangman; 16 GIFsCollapse )
22nd-May-2011 09:18 pm - May's Random Post #1
So I recently changed my LJ header to this image...

If you scroll down the page, on the bottom right corner, you'll find this image...

The second image is the default from the theme, and no, I wasn't planning on making the header a theme with that image. :P Also no, I didn't make it because of Hawaii Five-0 finale. I made that before I watched the finale. ;D

But they fit together, no? ^^
23rd-Apr-2011 03:18 am - Random Post #??
Making a little visual to this post... ;)

Made it quick and not really in the mood to try doing clean cuts but in the mood to try making them together. Yeah, confusing, I know. I'm dizzy too... ;p

Oh, and I'm posting on weekend, again... *headdesk*
Is that even a word? GIFing? *shrugs*

Anyway, I decided to rewatch Numb3rs 1x01 Pilot. Actually I was capping, not exactly watching, for some icons just to pass some time, which I haven't made any actually. :P But I ended up making these two GIFs.

That's a hell of an equation, Charlie.Collapse )
3rd-Mar-2011 09:34 pm - Random Post: Question!
Is it just me or LJ is holding the email alerts/notifications hostage...?

And, while at it, just saying, if any of you make a comment that I need to reply or something and I haven't replied, this is probably why I haven't. I have no idea. *facepalm* So I apologize... ;)
Eppes & McGarrett
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