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Guarding The City...


Introvert. Football and basketball fan. Crime/cop shows addict. Hates weekends.

I'm not an English native. My english is a bit of a mess, so I apologize if there's any error. Also, there's a chance I'll write entries in my own language, and when I do, that's not because I want to keep the entry a secret, no, if I want it to be a secret, I won't write it in the first place. If I do write a non-English entry, that's most likely because my brain is too tired to think about any proper english words that won't change the meaning of what I'm about to say. No more, no less. ;)

This journal mostly contains personal entries, therefore most of them will be friends-locked. I don't really have any friending policy, not too strict anyway. If you friend me and we have something in common, most likely I will friend you back. If we don't have anything in common, you can send me a message, or leave a comment somewhere, at least to let me know why you friend me, or where you saw me. And if (just in case) I don't friend you back, please take no offence. I have my share of being double-crossed by someone whom I thought was my best friend, so I'm just trying to protect myself.

I have a second journal, weirdkid624. It mostly contains the graphics I made (icons, wallpapers, manips, fanvids, etc) and my fanfics. Feel free to friend that LJ to keep up with any new entries. Let me know what you think... ;)

Wanna contact me via email? Send 'em here: callsign624 [at] aol.com. ^_^

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